About Us

Peter Mohrer, MD is a practicing psychiatrist with 35 years of experience on the Connecticut Shoreline. Dr. Mohrer has expertise in both dynamic therapy and medication management in a general adult psychiatry practice. Dr. Mohrer is a board-certified, Yale trained and affiliated, and a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

Shoreline TMS is managed by Dani Mohrer, who has worked with Dr. Mohrer for many years. Dani communicates directly with all current and prospective patients, and acts as a liaison between the patient and insurance carrier. In addition, she administers the treatments under the direct supervision of Dr. Mohrer.

About TMS

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive outpatient medical procedure that is FDA approved for depression that has not responded to treatment. TMS works by delivering short, powerful bursts of magnetic energy to the area of the brain where mood is regulated. Rapid pulses work to stimulate the nerve cells that are not firing at full capacity in the depressed brain. There are minimal side effects associated with TMS.